Red Stick Records was founded by musicians, for musicians. Red Stick Records was created to assist talented new artist with navigating today’s music industry.

Our Team

Robby Smith

Recording Engineer

A guitar player in his youth, Robby developed a passion for Music. After spending many years on the road, Robby developed skill for sound. Robby will translate your acoustic demo and bring it to life. Also spending time in Nashville, touring and running sound on the road, Robby became an expert sound engineer. Robby is here to record, mix and master your hard work.

Travis Thibodeaux

Music Producer
This Louisiana-born singer/songwriter started his musical journey at the age of twelve after writing “Take My Hand” (which would be recorded by Grammy winner Wayne Toups and become a regional standard just a few years later).  By the following year, Thibodaux’s musical destiny was set as he began performing in bands across the Gulf Coast/Southern Louisiana area.
By his mid-twenties, Travis would spend several years in Nashville, Tennessee working as a full-time session vocalist and songwriter.
It was his work and dedication to professionalism in Nashville that caught the attention of legendary rock performer/songwriter Jonathan Cain of Journey.  In 2015, Travis was hired to be the newest member of Journey’s touring unit, providing background vocals and auxiliary keyboards on stage with some of the biggest icons in rock history:  Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Steve Smith, and Arnel Pineda. Leaving Journey to spend more time with his family and children in 2020 he is excited to be part of the RedStick Records team!

Deanna Scott

Artist Management

Deanna assist artist on the road. Working with club owners, Deanna makes the contacts you need to book your show. Once you record and perfect your music, Deanna will assist you with booking shows, increasing your social media presence, and building a fan base for your music. Getting out in front of fans is crucial to building a fan base. Deanna will help get you on stage to show off your talent.

Keith Arcement

Marketing and Business Affairs

A keyboard player at heart, Keith learned piano from the age of 6. He played with the hair bands of the 80’s. Never getting a break in the club scene, Keith found a job and began a life in sales. 30 years later, Keith had another opportunity to record. Reconnecting with old friends brought back his passion for the Music industry. With his years’ experience in the sales industry, Keith will assist you in building your brand, marketing and promoting your music.

Clifford Smith

Artist and Repertoirer

Starting on Banjo in his youth, Cliff jumped to the guitar when he became a teenager. Cliff spent many years in the military, but his guitar traveled the globe with him. Cliff has played with musicians in countries around the world. Cliff is here to be your first line of contact with Red Stick Records. Cliff will be your guide and stay with you through the entire process. He will introduce you to the team in each step along your journey and be there for you when you have questions.