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Have you been looking for the opportunity to record your music and get discovered?


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Finding Talent

Take a chance. Open the door of opportunity. Opportunity only knocks a few times in your life. Maybe this is one of those knocks for you.

Our Story

Red Stick Records was founded by musicians, for musicians. Today’s musicians have a great deal of control over their art. Unfortunately, most don’t really know what to do with that control. Red Stick Records was created to assist talented new artist with navigating today’s music industry.

As young musicians in the 1980’s, we had passion for music and the drive to be a Professional Artist. We started bands. We practiced, played at festivals, local night clubs,high school dances and parties. We were even given the opportunity to open fora few artists that were signed to record labels. We were feeling like it was just a matter of time. Our opportunity to record our music and publish was just around the corner. We were waiting for the right person to be at one of our gigs, love our sound and make us rock stars.

There are so many talented musicians in this world. We’ve seen them preform amazing songs. We’ve heard many stories of musicians who give up everything to pursue their dream of making it big, only to find themselves taking a 9 to 5, just to be able to eat and try to keep going. Eventually, the 9 to 5 becomes a new career, they meet someone, start a family and need to make more money to support their family. One day they wake up and realize their dream of becoming a rock star has ended.

So much has changed in the past few years. Today, musicians can get their music out on the web for all to hear. The only problem is, if no one is looking for you, you won’t get heard.

Red Stick Records was designed with you in mind. As a musician, you’ve spent your life perfecting your craft. Learning to play your instrument, practicing your vocals, writing songs and melodies. Today, you look in the mirror and you see a musician. As a musician, your passion is to create music. Sales pitching, Marketing, graphic design, copyright registration, distribution, publishing, and royalty tracking are all necessary components to being successful in the music business. If you are going to continue to create music, who’s doing all the other stuff?

That’s where we come in. We developed Red Stick Records as a pathway for talented musicians to get recorded, published and, most importantly, heard online. Our mission is to discover new talent and assist them in getting exposed to the world. Once your music is ready, we’re here to assist you with getting your music heard by as many people as possible. We exist to help you succeed.

Our Services

Red Stick Records is here to help foster musicians in the 4 P's of the music industry


Recording Master copies of your music


Distribution and Royalty collection


Copyright registration


Marketing and Sales

Artist Showcase

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Our Team

Robby Smith

Sound Engineer and Producer

Keith Arcement

Marketing and Business Affairs

Clifford Smith

Artist and Repertoire